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Freezing Spring Onions

No hassle, No waste, Save Money

Spring onions is a vegetable I always waste - they inevitably get wrinkly and I don't want to eat them. Here is a great thrifty idea: Freeze them. When freezing chopped green onions, put them into an old water bottle that you’ve washed, and use a permanent marker to label the bottle cap with the contents. Freeze. To use, simply remove the cap, shake out just as much as you need, replace the cap and return to the freezer. The clear bottle allows you to quickly see what’s inside, and shaking things out of a bottle is faster than spooning them out of a freezer container. I use them in cooked dishes like fried rice, microwave mixed rice, soups, curries or scrambled egg purses — you name it.

Spring Onion Spring Onion